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Sister Maria Paszko
70th Anniversary

Sister Maria Paszko, the former Sister Mary Lucida, entered the Felician Sisters as a postulant on July 2, 1950.                                   

Current Assignment
Our Lady of the Angels Convent
Chicago, Illinois

Place of Birth

Home Parish
St. Hedwig
Niles, Illinois

Bachelor of Science in Education
Loyola University
Chicago, Illinois

Master of Science in Education
Loyola University
Chicago, Illinois

Major Areas of Ministry
Teacher in Catholic Elementary Schools, Supportive Services, Receptionist


Teacher (Grade 3) St. Mary Magdalen Chicago, IL 1952-53
Teacher (Grade 2) Sts. Peter and Paul Chicago, IL 1953-54
Teacher (Grade 3) St. John of God Chicago, IL 1954-55
Teacher (Grade 3) St. Helen Chicago, IL 1955-57
Teacher (Grade 3) St. Hedwig Chicago, IL 1957-58
Teacher (Grade 3) Holy Innocents Chicago, IL 1958-60
Teacher (Grade 3) St. John of God Chicago, IL 1960-61
Teacher (Grade 4) St. Adalbert Milwaukee, WI 1961-62
Teacher (Grades 2 & 3) St. Stanislaus Posen, IL 1962-64
Teacher (Grade 4) St. James Chicago, IL 1964-65
Teacher (Grades 3 & 4) Holy Family Cudahy, WI 1965-68
Teacher (Grade 4) St. Mary's Manitowoc, WI 1968-69
Teacher (Grade 5) St. Turibius Chicago, IL 1969-73
Teacher (Grade 6) St. James Chicago, IL 1973-74
Teacher (Grade 7) St. Linus Oak Lawn, IL 1974-77
Teacher (Grade 6) St Mary Magdalen Chicago, IL 1977-80
Teacher (Grades 3-5) St. Wenceslaus Chicago, IL 1980-81
Teacher (Grade 5) St. Bruno Chicago, IL 1981-84
Supportive Services Generalate Rome, Italy 1984-88
Teacher (Grade 3) Holy Family Birmingham, AL 1988-90
Teacher (Grade 4) St. Turibius Chicago, IL 1990-98
Floor Supervisor St. Andrew Home Niles, IL 1998-2000
Purchasing Coordinator St. Collette Convent Chicago, IL 2000-04
Supportive Services Provincialate Chicago, IL 2004-06
Information Office Mother of Good Counsel Convent Chicago, IL 2006-10
Receptionist Our Lady of Angels Convent Chicago, IL 2010-present