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Bringing Peace through Joy: Meet Monica

Monica enters the postulancy at the Provincial House.

The path to becoming a sister takes time and discernment. Hearing the call is only the first step on the journey.  For Felician sisters, religious formation is a lifelong process of continual renewal and conversion of heart, mind, and spirit — fostering personal growth, forging an ever-deepening spirituality, and affirming their vocation call as disciples of Jesus and faithful daughters of Blessed Mary Angela. 

On October 29, 2022, at the Felician Sisters Provincial House in Beaver Falls, PA, sisters looked on joyfully as Monica Faith Edaburn deepened her baptismal commitment and took the next steps on her Felician journey by becoming a postulant.

“I have loved all of the sisters that I've met and I'm so excited and grateful that I could get to be a part of them and join them in a deeper way,” said Monica. “I've loved God for many, many years, and I probably didn't realize how deep that love was until I met the sisters. And that's what I love most about religious life. The sisters help me to explore and deepen the relationship that God and I have, and will continue to have.”

Postulancy is a transitional period of formation in which a woman begins to experience living in community*. Under the guidance of the director of postulants, a woman at this stage resides in a formation house and travels throughout the province, getting to know the sisters and their ministries. She learns about community by living a common life with the sisters.

Monica already has a deep appreciation for Felician community life. She met her first Felician sister at Pomona High School in California and participated in Seeds of Hope and discernment weekends.  “What I love most about the Felician community and charism is that all of us sisters have such a deep-rooted joy, in life, in the Lord, in what we do,” she says. “It's an infectious joy, and joy leads to peace. If we all can share a little bit of joy, and the smile that I carry around on my face brightens up someone's day, I think we can bring peace to the world.”

Watch for news about our newest postulant, Veronica Victoria Kowalski in our next Living The Mission!

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