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Young Children's Worship: All About Sisters

Sr. Beatrice M Plamondon attended a Young Children's Worship called "All About Sisters" during Catholic Sisters Week.

Sr. Beatrice “Bea” Marie Plamondon, Mission Director of St. Mary Child Care Center and Montessori Center of Our Lady in Livonia, MI, had her hands — and her heart — full as she visited the children during Catholic Sisters Week.

Gail Jones, Business and Mission Director for Felician Sisters Child Care Centers wanted children to have the opportunity to learn more about the Felician Sisters and their way of life. She created a Young Children's Worship called All About Sisters for the Child Care and Montessori centers, inviting Sr. Bea so the children could see and hear from a 'real life sister.' Sister Bea happily agreed to spend time with the little ones, sharing her experiences and explaining the sisters' way of life, why they wear habits, and the variety of ministries in which they're involved. 

For nearly 30 years, St. Mary Child Care Center has been caring for children through programs dedicated to providing a foundation by which they may reach their full potential guided by Felician Core Values.

Beginning with five students on the ground floor of the convent almost 50 years ago, Montessori Center of Our Lady has grown to six classrooms and a 140-student capacity. In 2020 the Young Children's Community Classroom was opened for children aged 18 to 36 months, and this past September the Nido classroom welcomed infants aged 3 to 18 months.

Just as Blessed Angela’s first spiritual daughters in North America instructed the children of Polish immigrants, today’s Felician early childhood education programs instill the youngest and most impressionable among us with values that will unlock their potential.