Our Franciscan Heritage

Four Founders Paintings

Our Foundress Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, was inspired by the lives and spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Clare, and Saint Felix of Cantalice. Each of them turned away from worldly comforts, at times even defying the wishes of their families, to follow God's call to a life of simplicity, prayer, and service to all in need. Their ministries were nourished by time spent in prayer, and this became the model for the contemplative-active community life of the Felician Sisters.

As a Franciscan community, we follow the Rule of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of Saint FrancisBlessed Mary Angela called on her Sisters to live as Saint Francis had lived—in simplicity and humility; in reverence for all God’s creation; as living examples of the Gospel message; and in compassionately caring for and serving the marginalized and those living in poverty.

As Felician Sisters, our spirituality draws upon four fundamental Franciscan values:

  • Minority –serving among and standing in solidarity with the poor and oppressed
  • Prayer – from which all service flows
  • Poverty – to live in simplicity, humility, and self-denial
  • Conversion – a turning to God in heart, mind, and spirit

Our spiritual life is characterized by four distinct expressions of Franciscan spirituality:

  • Eucharistic – The Eucharist is central to our faith and to our consecrated lives.
  • Ecclesial – We commit ourselves to the universal mission of the Church in lives dedicated to God.
  • Evangelical – We share with all Christians the responsibility to bring God’s message and loving kindness to all.
  • Marian – We honor Mary, Mother of Jesus, as Mother and Lady of our Congregation and we emulate her as a model of faithfulness and humility. 

Paintings by David Smith, 1987; Immaculate Heart of Mary Central Convent, Buffalo, New York. Printed with permission.  All rights reserved.