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Congratulations to Our 2021 Jubilarians
Updates are being made daily to jubilarian profiles. Click on the links below to learn more about each sister.

80 Years

Sister Mary Alodia Stozek
Sister Mary Annelle Krych
Sister Mary Presentine Ugorowski

75 Years

Sister Mary Alexandrette Smith
Sister Mary Bernice Pikul +
Sister Mary Carolita Turzinski
Sister Mary Charitine Spitalniak
Sister Mary Lucia Skalka
Sister Mary Pontia Zdzichowska
Sister Mary Ruth Koralewski

70 Years

Sister Mary Adrian Jumbelic
Sister Mary Alfonsa Kunicka
Sister Mary Alfonsa Van Overberghe
Sister Mary Andrew Wiercinski
Sister Mary Beatrice Knipple
Sister Mary Benedette Laspata
Sister Mary Francine Lagocki
Sister Mary Francis Hopcus
Sister Helen Marie Strawa
Sister Mary Janita Krawczyk
Sister Mary Lawrence Lojko
Sister Mary Lucy Korzekwa
Sister Mary Theophilia Tworzydlo

65 Years

Sister Mary Barbara Burzynski
Sr. Mary Margaret Kijek

60 Years

Sister Barbara Marie Juszkiewicz
Sister Mary Denise Bernas
Sister Mary Francesca Buczkowski
Sister Mary Gloria Lewandowski
Sister Mary Inez Moch
Sister Mary Jeanine Heath
Sister Mary Jeanette Skornia
Sister Mary John Fryc
Sister Mary Lea Malak
Sister Mary Lucette Kinecki
Sister Marcella Marie Garus     
Sister Maryann Kasica
Sister Mary Michaeleen Pardowsky
Sister Patricia Marie Iagrosso
Sister Mary Rachel Mikolajczak
Sister Mary Richardine Baranski
Sister Mary Rosalie Disterhaft 
Sister Marie Victoria Bartkowski
Sister Mary Virgilyn Grabowski

50 Years

Sister Bernadette Marie Zandonatti
Sister Christina Marie Conroy
Sister Jane Mary Gawlik

25 Years

Sister Josephine Maria Kaczor