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Participant Application Instructions

In order to be considered for acceptance into the 2021 Seeds of Hope Youth Leadership Experience, you must complete all steps in the application process as outlined below and submit all required documents no later than June 1, 2021.

Before beginning to fill out the application, please make sure you have all the information and items you will need to complete it. You will not be able to save your progress and return later to complete the application. 

To complete the online application form, you will need:

You will need to provide the name, job title, phone number and email address for three (3) people we may contact as references. Two (2) references should be from the following: your high school principal, school president, a teacher, or your campus minister. One (1) must be from someone outside of your family, such as your parish priest, youth group director, or another adult who can attest to your qualifications for Seeds of Hope.

Student Resume
You will be asked to upload a resume that includes a list of extracurricular activities in which you have been involved (past and present) — both within your school as well as within your parish or community. Identify your role in each activity and list any specific leadership roles you've held.

Letter of Interest
You will be asked to upload a letter to the Seeds of Hope Committee in which you introduce yourself and explain why you wish to participate in Seeds of Hope and what you hope to gain from this experience. Be as specific as possible in explaining your interest in the program. You may include information about your interests, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities and any other aspects of your life that could aid the committee in understanding why you would like to participate in Seeds of Hope. (Letters are to be two pages maximum, typed, double-spaced. Your name should appear at the top of each page.)

ALL application materials must be received by June 1, 2021, in order for a student to be considered for acceptance into the 2021 Seeds of Hope program.