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Peer Leaders and Peer Leaders in Training

Peer leaders are alumni of Seeds of Hope that are assigned to a group of first-time participants, providing them with mentorship, leadership, motivation and guidance. Alumni who want to become a peer leader, must first spend a year as a peer leader in training

Peer leaders become members of the Seeds of Hope planning committee, helping to shape the experience while building their own leadership skills, and must:

  • Arrive at the Maryville Retreat Center the week before Seeds of Hope begins for training and to prepare for the arrival of participants.
  • Remain on site the day after Seeds of Hope ends to participate in a mandatory evaluation/planning session.
  • Participate in any additional training and/or planning sessions, as requested by the program outreach coordinator.

If you have any questions about becoming a Seeds of Hope peer leader, please contact Caroline Stanfill, program outreach coordinator, at or 724-650-7936.