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Environmental Stewardship

Healthy Soil, Healthy Garden

It’s that time of year when we can plant, harvest and enjoy our flower and vegetable gardens. One often-overlooked concept is soil health. Healthy soil is essential for providing nutrients in our food and as a carbon sink to combat climate change. It takes about 500 years to naturally build an inch of topsoil. We are depleting our soil by 17 times that rate. The largest culprit in soil health depletion is industrial agriculture, especially the chemicals used as fertilizers and pesticides. 

You may wish to get your soil tested. Many garden centers carry test kits or will do the test for you. Also, check for organic products that you can use to enrich your soil and to ward off pests.

Ask your local grower which plants are native to your area so that you can attract pollinators to your garden and provide food and nutrients for them. Be creative; you can plant in the ground, in window boxes or in pots right on your porch or patio.

Remember: Support your local growers. Eat fresh and buy local!!!! 

Watch a short video and learn why soil health is important here:

Listen to what a farmer has to say about the need for healthy soil here: