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Become a Felician Associate

Felician Associates are lay women and men who support and promote the mission of the Felician Sisters. They are single and married, widowed and divorced, mothers and fathers, college students, young professionals and retirees — all united in their desire to embrace the Felician charism and mission. Associates maintain their work and life situations, are financially independent and must be 18-years or older.

Felician Associates:

  • Pray together 
  • Are companions to one another on the journey of faith
  • Attend retreat days and workshops and read publications towards personal growth
  • Engage in voluntary ministry in the spirit of Blessed Mary Angela
  • Participate in community celebrations

The path to becoming a Felician Associate:

  • A period of inquiry and discernment that includes participation in an information session with the director of associates or area coordinator
  • Formal application
  • Reception as an associate candidate
  • A period of initial formation
  • Acceptance as an associate and the signing of a covenant statement
  • Ongoing association and formation
  • Annual renewal of commitment

Learn about how to begin the inquiry and discernment process by contacting the area coordinator nearest you.