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NExT Venue for Wellness Program is…

Exercise classes have turned around the lives of many that attend.

Since 2010, Felician Wellness Center’s Nutrition and Exercise Training (NExT) Program has been helping people in southern Illinois reverse chronic illness, end reliance on medications, and improve their overall quality of life. Today, the program has big news that will help even more people in search of a healthy life.

The Felician Wellness Center is partnering with the YMCA of Jefferson County to bring the NExT Program to Mt. Vernon, IL in addition to the original Centralia location, and the timing couldn’t be better.

According to a study published in the January issue of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, nearly 50% of adults gained weight during the first year of the pandemic. In a state like Illinois where CDC data shows 31.6% of adults self-identified as obese and the leading cause of death in the state is heart disease, gaining even more weight could be deadly. As we move past the pandemic, and are gradually moving back to normal, the doubled capacity of the NExT program will play a critical role in the community. 

The NExT Program is a wellness program for ages 14 and older that meets twice weekly for six weeks emphasizing exercise, nutrition education, and portion control. Participation in the program results in weight loss, though the primary goals are to promote behavior changes and provide the resources and knowledge necessary to meet personal goals for health and wellness. NExT also offers opportunities for participants to network with others who may have similar experiences and offer each other support as they journey down their new path of improved health.