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Plastic-Free Picnics

Summer is here, and what a great time it is to gather family and friends for picnics! But have you ever considered the amount of plastic and other disposable products that will result from your gathering? Here are some tips for a plastic-free picnic:

  1. Bring along regular metal cutlery.
  2. Bring reusable plates.
  3. Sit on a rug or blanket.
  4. Use a reusable tablecloth.
  5. Don’t bring wipes or disposable towels; pack a wet washcloth or towel (in a reusable container).
  6. Bring your own food in re-usable containers.
  7. Use matches instead of plastic lighters.
  8. Bring beverages in re-usable bottles or pitchers, aluminum cans or glass.
  9. Take your garbage home; don’t litter.

Have some fun challenging yourself and your guests to go plastic-free!

Learn more about reducing plastic waste and take the pledge to have a plastic-free July at

Sr. Mary Jean Sliwinski is the provincial sustainability coordinator, responsible for educating the Felician Sisters of North America and their ministries about issues of environmental stewardship and implementing actions across the province to protect all of creation. Click here to learn more about the Felician Sisters' actions toward sustainable practices.