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Digging Wells at Felician Mission: Haiti

Water for Life was in Jacmel from May 3-6, to dig wells for Felician Mission: Haiti and our bakery and for our neighbors at St. John Paul II School and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Cayes-Jacmel. After several hours of praying and watching and waiting – and digging down 290 feet – they found water for the mission. Digging at the bakery site, however, had to be delayed due to heavy rains that left the area too muddy for the heavy machinery.

Water for Life's mission is to help communities in need to develop safe and sustainable water sources. By combining formal instruction with hands-on training, they teach people how to construct and maintain their own local water resources. Their focus is not merely to provide safe drinking to those in need but to also help people gain the knowledge and experience they need to support themselves and their communities.

The Felician Sisters have operated Felician Mission: Haiti, located in Jacmel, since 2012. Programs include academic support, catechesis, clean water equipment and training, a sewing school, meals, and a mobile clinic. Learn more at or follow their blog at