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Felician Sisters Welcome Two New Candidates

The Felician Sisters of North America welcomed two new candidates in a virtual prayer service on April 25, as Mairead and Veronica declared their commitment to continue their discernment process.

Using Zoom for the service allowed Sisters from across the province, regardless of their ability to travel, to share in this special ceremony and pledge their support for these two young women. The Sisters at St. Joseph the Worker Convent in Pomona, CA, even hosted a small watch party, inviting Candidate Monica  and Inquirer Amy  to join them.

In her remarks Provincial Minister Sr. Mary Christopher Moore reflected, “Today we have before us two young women seeking to take another step in their discernment journey. The heartbeat of the Congregation goes on.”

After each candidate donned the Tau Cross that she will wear during her candidacy, Sr. Christopher blessed them on behalf of the sisters of Our Lady of Hope Province, saying: “We offer blessings on you and your director and entrust you to the loving care of Our Lady of Hope. May she be your model and guide.”

Candidacy is the second step in the formation process, which follows a period of inquiry. Candidacy signals that a woman is looking to begin the journey toward life as a Felician Sister. Her acceptance as a candidate is an invitation to join us in prayer, ministry and conversation. A candidate typically continues to live in her own home, continuing to participate in her chosen profession or job, volunteer service and Catholic faith. If you would like more information about becoming a Felician Sister, we invite you to contact Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay, Vocation Outreach Minister, at or 909-706-2238.