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Felician Magazine Opens Social Justice Dialogue Among Students

When the fall 2020 issue of the Felician magazine showed up at the Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs (MNP) in Moon Township, PA, the staff and volunteers saw an opportunity to engage their students in active reading and discussions of social justice issues.

During their daily reading time, students in the after-school program received a copy of the fall 2020 Felician magazine. Some gravitated toward the articles pertaining to racial injustice, especially after recognizing their neighbors Sr. Judith Marie Blizzard and Sr. Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay on the cover. Many were also impressed by the success of one of their neighbors, MNP staff member Ms. Sindy, who was featured in this issue. They were also excited to see some of their artwork.

Discussing the work of Felician Sisters in New Mexico and California prompted several students to share their immigration stories. “It was the first time some of them had told their stories. It’s difficult to imagine all they have seen at such a young age,” commented program director Theresa Long.

While the kids were impressed by what they read, the staff was impressed by their interest and efforts. One student even used Google Translate to read the article about Haiti. She was surprised to see how many people in Haiti don’t have access to clean drinking water and to learn how a simple filtration bucket can make such a big difference.

Theresa observed, “Overall, reading the Felician news magazine was a great ‘challenge’ activity for the middle school students and a simple way to connect program participants with the good works of the Felician Sisters. MNP is already looking forward to the next issue.”

Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs is a ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America located in Moon Township, PA, that provides food resources, remote learning support, immigration assistance, access to healthcare, after school programming, community events, and referrals to social services. To learn more, visit their website at