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Sr. Michelle Marie Stachowicz Becomes Star Volunteer at Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs

New volunteers at the Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs (MNP) in Moon Township, PA, are always greeted with enthusiasm and curiosity by the children in the after-school program, but one new volunteer quickly became a fan favorite – Sr. Michelle Marie Stachowicz.

When Sr. Michelle reached out to MNP with an offer to put her vast educational experience to service for the program, they were thrilled to accept. Since then, she has become a one-woman read-aloud center with a special area set up just for her.

The kids look forward to “Sr. Michelle days” and make “reservations” for their opportunity to work with her. Grade school children take turns reading aloud with her, while kindergarten students use their Sr. Michelle time to practice their sight words and play games.

MNP is grateful to Sr. Michelle for her committed presence and thankful for all their volunteers, who are slowly being welcomed back as COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax.

Theresa Long, program director at MNP, said, “We are truly blessed by the kind and generous souls who support this ministry and we are most grateful that they’re back!”

Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs is a ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America located in Moon Township, PA, that provides food resources, remote learning support, immigration assistance, access to healthcare, after school programming, community events, and referrals to social services. To learn more, visit their website at