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Lobbying for Immigration Policy Change

Felician Sister Maryann Agnes Mueller joined more than 400 constituents from 45 states and the District of Columbia in virtual legislative visits with 150 congressional offices last week. The visits were part of a campaign sponsored by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition to save asylum in the United States and to call attention to our country's foreign policies that lead to an increase of people needing to make the decision to leave their country of birth. 

Although Congress is not in session, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) sent a message to the Connecticut coalition stating that "many people have an agenda, but both sides of the aisle respect the voice of the faith-based community."

The Senator stressed the importance of advocacy through visits, petitions, emails, letters, phone calls, stating, "If I don't hear about it (the issue), it is not important to me."

Several of the bills the senator was asked to support related to the impact of COVID-19 on the children, women and men in detention.

Sister Maryann Agnes Mueller, CSSF, serves as the  Justice and Peace Coordinator for the Felician Sisters of North America.