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Taking Responsibility for Climate Change

We face enormous challenges in preserving our earth for future generations. One of the challenges is to lessen the effects humans have on climate change. The temperature of the earth is rising because gas emissions, such as carbon and methane, are trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

Do you understand how the greenhouse gas effect works? Many people don’t.  Click here to watch a short video.

A carbon footprint calculator is a tool to measure your own personal emissions level.  The result will tell you how many earths it would take to support your current lifestyle. You may be surprised. Using the calculator can raise your awareness and show you ways that you can reduce your carbon contribution.

Here are two calculators you can try:

While you may think that your contribution is small or that you really can’t have a major effect on such a huge problem, remember every little bit helps…even a small change can make a big difference.  And….tell others!