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Felician Associates Learn About the Science and Spirituality of the Heart

Felician Associate Anita Mascarenhas hosted a presentation entitled The Science and Spirituality of the Heart at Holy Name of Mary Convent in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday, February 29.

Anita, who holds a certificate in spiritual direction, traced the words of Scripture referring to the heart--lebab in the Jewish tradition and kardia in the Greek. In all cultures, this concept of the heart has been associated with the heart of flesh.

Referencing research into the magnetic and electric waves radiating from the heart and creating a field around the body, Anita showed how our bodies can be incorporated into our prayer. She led the group in a meditation by quieting the mind and feeling into the body. She invited the group to say the Lord's Prayer with their hands down. Then she asked them to place their hand over their heart as they prayed the same prayer.

Local minister Sr. Mary Lynne Tramble said, "This was an 'aha' moment, as most felt the warmth and energy of the heart."

Myjungsook Kim, a candidate in the associate program, said, "The presentation drew me closer to God. It gave me something I can include in my prayer routine daily. I can be totally with God through my heart and brain. I believe it makes powerful prayer: touching my heart moves me toward God. This is so simple yet easy to forget.”

Sr. Mary Claudianne Hudy was also very touched by Anita's presentation. At 98 years old, after the presentation, she exclaimed, "One is never too old to learn." Sr. Claudianne said that holding her hand on her heart while praying makes her feel more deeply united with the words of the prayer: "There is a greater consciousness of what you are actually saying, and coherence between the brain and heart."

Felician Associates are lay men and women who support and promote the mission of the Felician Sisters with compassion and mercy as they cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world. Click here to learn more.