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St. Felix Centre Takes Part in Coldest Night of the Year Event

On February 22, Felician-sponsored St. Felix Centre in Toronto, Canada, participated in the annual Coldest Night of the Year event, walking through the cold and dark of a Canadian winter night in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are hungry, homeless and hurting.

Over 175 Sisters, staff, volunteers, board members, friends and family from the St. Felix Centre community participated in this year’s event. Of the 200 teams in attendance, the St. Felix Centre team ranked 12th in fundraising, helping Coldest Night of the Year organizers to exceed their goal of $40,000.

Sr. Mary Francesca Buczkowski, president of the St. Felix Centre Board of Directors, described the importance of the event, saying, “We walked in solidarity with those whose days are a battle to house and feed their families, and whose nights are filled with fear and frustration. We walked for those driven from home by violence and abuse. And we walked for people overwhelmed by isolation, guilt and despair. We walked humbly, realizing that anyone can lose their footing and then lose everything else. At St. Felix Centre, we serve individuals - and even families - as our 'guests' in the Felician tradition at 25 Augusta Ave and at Liberty Village.””

The Felician Sisters operate two 24-hour respite locations for the homeless in Toronto and provide a variety of programs, including meals, clothing and social services resources. Both locations are pet-friendly, allowing guests to stay with their animals, who are often a much-needed source of companionship and comfort.

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