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Felician Sister Creates Stained Glass for Ghana

A beautiful stained glass window created by Felician Sister Mary Ann Therese Kelly, Megan McElfresh, and Barbara Steffan is now on its way to Ghana, West Africa, where it will be installed in Christ the King Cathedral.

Commissioned by Bishop Matthew Gymfi of the Synyani Diocese, the window is eight feet tall and consists of two panels which depict Earth viewed from Africa, surrounded by the noosphere (the spiritual aura surrounding the earth as described by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). The Eucharistic host is within, overlapping the country of Ghana as a blessing. 

The country of Ghana is shown in gold, a transformational color, and above is the Holy Spirit surrounded by the kente cloth, traditionally produced for only the tribal king, representing Christ the King. 

This is the first of many windows that will be produced for Christ the King Cathedral at Illumination Glass Studio, which is operated by Sister Ann Therese. To see more of Sr. Ann Therese’s work, visit her Facebook page at