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Three Felician Sisters Prepare for Perpetual Profession of Vows

In early April, Sisters Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay, Maria Louise Edwards, and Maria Bakhita Waweru, MC, gathered at the Maryville Retreat Center in Holly, Michigan, to prepare for their perpetual profession of vows this summer.

Sister Bakhita will celebrate entrance into full membership of the Felician Congregation on July 13, at Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent Chapel in Lodi, New Jersey; and Sisters Desiré and María Louise will celebrate their Mass of Perpetual Profession on August 15 at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent Chapel in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Under the guidance of Sisters Suzanne Marie Kush and Mary Andrew Budinski, the Sisters have shared common meals, prayer, instruction, and recreation while enjoying the hospitality of Maryville Retreat Center co-directors Sisters Mary Catherine Ryzewicz and Mary Anthony Kubat.

Over the past several weeks, guest speakers have also shared their expertise on topics such as community, governance, the vows, and mission. Sister Nancy Marie Jamroz spoke on the value of community and relationships, while Sister Mary Jolene Jasinski led the Sisters in a review of the Constitutions and sections of the Code of Canon Law, the need for such guidelines, and the reasons which brought about their development.

The following week, Sister Suzanne led an in-depth look at the vows, with a focus on the Felician Constitutions and Third Order Rule of St. Francis; and Sister Mary Julie Weckwerth spoke about the gift of the Felician charism and mission, passionately sharing insights on  the importance of mission and the practical ways it can be lived out.   

Now that the sessions with guest speakers have ended, all five Sisters will leave for Poland, where they will visit each of the provinces before going to Rome and Assisi. The Sisters ask for remembrance in prayer as they continue to discern God's invitation to live their lives as daughters of Saint Francis, Saint Felix, and Blessed Mary Angela.