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Provincial House Sisters and Staff Participate in Diversity Training

On Friday, February 8, 2019, the Sisters and staff of the Provincial House in Beaver Falls, PA, gathered for a workshop entitled “Understanding Diversity.” This was the pilot program that may eventually be launched throughout the province and ministries of the Felician Sisters.

Provincial Minister Sister Mary Christopher Moore began by asking those present to have open minds and hearts, saying, “If you think you don’t need this workshop, perhaps you are the one who needs it the most.”

Terry Schweizer, President of Felician Services, Inc., was also in attendance and said that he hoped the group would find the training not only informational, but also “transformational.” He was joined by Mary Lynn Owen, Vice President of Special Projects, Senior Ministry Advisor, and Corporate Responsibility Officer for Felician Services.

The Learner’s Group, a consulting firm that specializes in “helping organizations define, redefine and strengthen CULTURE by understanding the progression from focusing solely on Diversity and Inclusion to enhancing and increasing employee ENGAGEMENT,” was hired to design and lead the workshops. Rodney Patterson, CEO, and Dr. Lisa Summerour, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services, led the pilot session.

This interactive and engaging training led participants through a series of exercises to help them build awareness of their “diversity stories” and the biases formed because of, or in spite of them. Attendees were then guided through case studies and equipped with practical strategies to help them navigate through situations involving issues of diversity.