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Public Statements

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Felician Sisters of North America Update Regarding COVID-19 (5/26/20) 

Along with the other residents of our countries, we continue to move cautiously forward. This week, in accordance with diocesan or archdiocesan guidelines, Sisters began to experience the joy of resuming community life through celebration of the Mass. At Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent in Livonia, Michigan, on the Feast of St. Felix of Cantalice, our patron, Mass was celebrated with social distancing and wearing masks. Sisters received the Eucharist dropped into their palms. It was a tremendous blessing for the 25% of Sisters who could attend, based on Archdiocese of Detroit guidelines on the number of people who could be present in the chapel.

The majority of Sisters in our larger convents continue to participate in daily Mass via closed-circuit television, regular television channels or on other electronic devices, as well as partake of spiritual Holy Communion. We all look forward, as each diocese allows, to gathering once again in our chapels for celebration of the Eucharist which is such an integral part of our religious life as Felician Sisters.

Even some Sisters whose archdioceses are not prepared to begin Mass received a blessing: At Immaculate Conception Convent in Lodi, New Jersey, the pastor of a nearby parish brought a monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament, passing slowly along the drive in a truck, blessed the Sisters, who stood six feet apart, wearing masks, along the drive, crying at the joy of the Eucharistic presence. And in Buffalo, 30-35 cars full of Sisters from nearby convents as far away as Dunkirk, as well as Associates, drove by with signs wishing those at Immaculate Heart of Mary and Blessed Mary Angela convents a Happy St. Felix Day, serenading them with “We’ll Go a Long, Long Way Together.”

These events and gradual changes are a boost to the spiritual, psychological and emotional health of our Sisters, and we are deeply grateful for them. 

We remain vigilant, using the graduated guidelines shared last week according to the status of each of our nearly 60 convents. We had no deaths, and continent-wide, one Sister and one employee tested positive in the last week. We are coming to life, in our own creative ways and in accord with the essentials of our community traditions, along with continuing to reverence federal, state and local infection control directives.

Our Sisters and ministries that walk with those in need, including the poor and the unemployed, continue to adapt to the restrictions placed upon us by COVID-19 in order to serve without interruption in this time of increasing need. This week, Sisters at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Convent were featured on WDIV Local 4 television as they live among and help the needy in downtown Detroit.

We are grateful for your support and your prayers, and we ask you to join us as we continue to pray for those in our neighborhoods, as well as all those throughout the world who have been affected by the coronavirus.

Yours in Mary, our Lady of Hope,

Sister Mary Christopher Moore, Provincial Minister
and the Provincial Council Members
Felician Sisters of North America

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Previous Statements

Felician Sisters of North America Update Re: COVID-19 (5/18/20)
Watching the sun’s warmth grow and spread, we continue to celebrate the Resurrection and trust in the hope we have been promised. As we have examined possibilities for stepping down coronavirus restrictions in our convents, we have been reminded about the need to use caution as we make changes. During the past week, one case of COVID-19 was discovered in an employee, in a convent that had previously had no cases; another is pending. We also lost two Sisters – including the oldest Sister in the province – to deaths that were non-COVID-related.  
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Felician Sisters of North America Update (5/4/20)
This week, the Lord called one more of our Sisters home due to the effects of coronavirus, and we continue to mourn her and the other Sisters we have lost. We remain thankful that the virus has not spread to any additional convents. As we care for our Sisters in our convents, praying for them and for the few who remain hospitalized, we remain hypervigilant, on full room quarantine and receiving individual meals on trays with disposable dishes and utensils.
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Felician Sisters of North America Update Re: COVID-19 (5/11/20)
We lost one Sister to a death associated with COVID-19 in the past week, as well as two Sisters to long-standing medical conditions, not related to the virus. We are so relieved and grateful that the virus did not spread to any new convents due to the adherence to infection-control directives put in place for our Sisters. We greatly appreciate the cards and expressions of sympathy, the Mass requests and many other kind gestures of love and support that we have received over the past month.
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Felician Sisters of North America Update (4/27/20)
This past week has been one of sharing, of sorrow, of support, and yet, of beginning to look to the future and how to move forward in safety while living our lives as women religious. We lean on our faith, on each other and on the many who minister with us as we mourn the loss of five more Sisters whom the Lord called home this week, with the coronavirus exacerbating existing conditions. We are thankful that the virus has not spread to any additional convents and that an external review of our protocols has found them to be in line with best practices.
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Felician Sisters of North America Statement Regarding COVID-19 (4/20/20)
Today, life as we know it has been turned upside down. We, as Felician Sisters, are both sheltering in place in order to protect precious lives and working through our ministries to assist those in need, who require our assistance even more urgently at this time of joblessness and uncertainty...
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