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March 16 2022

The Felician Sisters Statement on
The Crisis in Ukraine

In the spirit of solidarity, compassion, and non-violence, the Felician Sisters of North America denounce the loss of life and destruction of property in Ukraine. We stand with the people of Ukraine and all those who have come to their aid in their struggle for freedom and independence. We affirm all efforts on the part of international diplomacy to bring this unprovoked war to an end.

We urge our own government leaders to set aside partisan differences and come together in a coordinated effort to achieve a cease fire. May diplomatic efforts convince Russia to end its violent and unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

We invite all people of good will to stand with us to support Ukraine and a just and peaceful resolution of the present conflict. May our prayers storm heaven and our good works promote a world where every person and every nation work together for the common good of all.

To provide financial support to our sisters in Poland who work daily with Ukrainian refugees, give to our Ukraine Crisis Fund.